SuperScalar (“We”) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The updated terms will be effective immediately upon being posted on this website. If you do not agree with the updated terms, you should refrain from purchasing our products or using our after-sales repair services. SuperScalar reserves the right to interpret this After-sales Terms and decide on any questions or disputes arising under these Terms. You agree that all such interpretations and decisions shall be final and conclusive, and binding on you as a customer of SuperScalar.

Ⅰ. Definition

Unless otherwise defined, the terms used in this clause shall have the following meanings:

  1. “Order Terms” refers to the agreement between Customers and SuperScalar regarding the purchase of SuperScalar Products. The Customer’s confirmation and acceptance of Order Terms is a prerequisite for order placement. This After-Sales Terms is an integral part of the “Order Terms” (click here for details).
  2. “Customer” means natural person, company, or any other type of organization that has completed the registration process and purchased Product(s) or Service through SuperScalar official channels.
  3. “Product(s)” and “Service(s)” denote the range of offerings showcased and marketed on this website, encompassing an array of items such as mining machines, power supply units (PSU), as well as after-sales inspection and maintenance services, etc.
  4. “After-Sales Maintenance Service” and “Maintenance” refer to inspection and maintenance service provided by us for Products purchased by Customers. Notably, the “After-Sales Maintenance Service” is further subdivided into “Free Maintenance”, “Non-Maintenance” and “Maintenance With Charges”. Depending on the types of Product failure, we may choose different resolutions, including repair, replacement, etc.
  5. “Warranty Period” refers to our Customers are entitled to receive free “After-Sales Maintenance Service”, commencing from the date of shipment (as specified on this website). .
  6. “DOA” refers to a Product that is found to be non-functional or significantly damaged upon delivery or initial use.
  7. “Second DOA” refers to a repaired or replacement Product within Warranty Period that is found to be non-functional or significantly damaged upon delivery or initial use.
  8. “EOS” refers to the end of the After-Sales Maintenance Service.
  9. “After-Sales Staff” refers to the highly skilled technical personnel of our company who are dedicated to providing exceptional support, assistance, and Service to customers who have purchased our Products or Services. The primary aim of these proficient professionals is to ensure that our Customers are entirely satisfied and contented, and to address any queries, concerns, or issues that may arise after the completion of the sale. Their responsibilities include troubleshooting, maintenance or replacement, etc.
  10. “After-Sales Request” refers to a formal submission made by a Customer to our company, which details any issues, concerns, or queries that arise after the purchase of our Products or Services. Typically, such a request pertains to technical support, maintenance, repair, or replacement of the purchased Product, with the ultimate aim of resolving any challenges encountered by the Customer.

Ⅱ. Request for After-Sales Maintenance Service

If your Product malfunctions, you can contact our After-Sales Staff by submitting an After-Sales Request on our website.

Ⅲ. Type of After-Sales Maintenance Service

  1. Free Maintenance
    All Products have a 180-day warranty starting from the date of shipment.

    If the submission date of your After-Sales Request is within the Warranty Period and the Product does not fall under the scenarios described in Non-Maintenance and Maintenance With Charges below, SuperScalar will repair or replace, free of charge, any part of your Products proven defective in material, performance or workmanship (“Free Maintenance”).

    Upon receiving your After-Sales Request, After-Sales Staff will contact you and work with you online to perform a preliminary failure diagnosis on your Product. Based on the diagnostic result, either we shall directly send replacement parts to you, or you need to return your Product to us for further repairs or replacements. The replacement Products or parts may not be new, but they must be in good working condition and perform functions substantially similar to the replaced Products or parts. The Warranty Period for the replacement Products or parts will be the remaining Warranty Period of the original Product.After-Sales Maintenance Service will be carried out either by SuperScalar or by such other third party as may be appointed by SuperScalar. The warranty and the After-Sales Maintenance Service is subject to you having complied with users’ guide as set out in the accompanying instructions or on this website.Irrespective of the type, reason and scope of the defect, deficiency or damage, our liability is limited to the value of the individual Product that gave rise to liability. We will under no circumstances liable for damage caused by the Product unless otherwise provided by mandatory Product safety or liability legislation. We shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages incurred and/or occurred in connection with the Product or its purchase. Our responsibility is limited solely to the Product itself. We assume no responsibility for any loss or costs due to third parties or your loss of profit, or any other indirect loss or costs however incurred.



  2. Non-Maintenance
    Should we determine that the defect is caused by one of the factors listed below, we reserve the right not to provide repair services (“Non-Maintenance”) :


    • Product has been lost before the arrival at the repair service location;
    • Damage caused by the use of third-party overclocking software;
    • Any product other than SuperScalar Product or fake products;
    • Scratches or other cosmetic damage to the Product surfaces that do not affect the operation of the Product;
    • Scrap: including but not limited to, burnt out boards, corrosion/oxidation of Products, disconnection of chip pins, PCB breakage, board via holes blockage, etc.
    • Mixed boards: refer to some or all hash boards/control boards that are not original boards, and hash boards/control boards that fail us to identify whether they are original.
    • Fraud as determined by us, including, but not limited to, deliberately forging or replacing barcodes of Products or parts, or other attempts to obtain the After-Sales Maintenance Service that the Customer is not otherwise entitled to. Maintenance will not be available for products or parts without original barcode or SN label or which has been altered, defaced or removed.
    • the Product is not faulty and is working as expected;
    • Product that complies with the EOS Policy provisions.
  3. Maintenance With Charges
    We reserve the right to charge fees for repair services under the following circumstances (“Maintenance With Charges”):


    • Product with an expired warranty, including the warranty of the Product has expired when the After-Sales Request is created (as the Warranty Period is indicated on this website)
    • Voided warranty due to:
    • Product damage caused by failure to installation, use and maintain in accordance the user’s guide;
    • Product damage or failure caused by dropping, accident, theft, abuse, negligence or improper operation;
    • Product damage caused by physical interference, including but not limited to, moisture, fire, flood, lightning, transportation, and extreme environment;
    • The entire Product, the board, or components of the board are crushed, broken, burnt, dropped, or damaged due to improper operation;
    • Product damage caused by overvoltage, undervoltage or leakage;
    • Product damage caused by significant higher or lower ambient temperature exposure;
    • Product damage caused by humidity, oxidation, corrosion and short circuit to the Product, units or any part thereof;
    • Product damage caused by natural disasters, including, but not limited to, floods, lightning, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and lightning strikes, etc.;
    • Disassembly or alteration of Product by any person other than us or an authorized service provider of us;
    • Product damage or failure caused by the use of power supply, parts or units which are neither supplied by us nor our authorized providers;
    • Unauthorized change on firmware or hardware;
    • Product damage or failure caused by the use of unauthorized firmware or drivers, including but not limited to firmware that enables users to apply an over frequency setting;
    • Product damage resulting from non-commonality and/or incompatibility with current and/or future versions of operation systems, software and/or hardware;
    • Damage or loss of data due to improper use;
    • Daily wear and tear; Any reason other than those caused by us that make it impossible for us to diagnose whether the Product is under warranty.

Ⅳ. Transportation

  1. Shipping
    • Please send the Products via mail to our designated address notified by After-Sales Staff and prepay the freight. If you send the Product by freight collect, or you failed to send it to our designated address (including logistics pick-up point), we will not be able to receive the product, and all consequences will be borne by you.
    • We will have the right to choose shipping method, and we will use the carrier you have requested via mail to return your Product whenever possible. If your preferred carrier cannot deliver the Product to the address provided, we will deliver the Product using an alternative carrier. We may not provide you with written notice prior to delivering your Product via the alternative carrier.
    • Unless you provide alternative instructions, we will return your repaired or replacement product to the mailing address you have furnished when you authorize the After-sales Maintenance Service. You shall be responsible for any additional costs caused by any incorrect or incomplete information. If your Product is returned to us because delivery could not be completed at the address given, we will attempt to contact you for an alternative mailing address. If you do not provide an address at which we or our agent may deliver your Product within sixty (60) days after the original delivery attempt, we will notify you that it considers your Product to be abandoned. We will send notice to the email address you have furnished when you authorize the After-sales Maintenance Service. In the event that your Product is abandoned, we may dispose of your Product in accordance with applicable provisions of law, and, specifically, may sell your Product at a private or public sale to pay for any outstanding After-sales Maintenance Service performed. We reserve our statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.
    • Once we deliver the Product out to you, the risk of damage and loss passes to you. In the event of any damage to or loss of Products during transportation, we would help you settle such disputes with the carrier. Any shipping damage must be reported within the 48 hours of receiving the product.
    • Please note that the dispatch place of the shipment of repaired or replacement products may not be the same as the address to which you delivered the Product.
    • You must provide the tracking number for the return shipment within 7 business days of our proposed repair/replace solution, or After-Sales Request will be closed and invalidated. In this case, you are required to resubmit an After-Sales Request. Please note that resubmitting an After-Sales Request will result in a new submission date. If the new submission date falls outside of the Warranty Period, your Product will not be eligible for Free Maintenance, and SuperScalar shall bear no responsibility for this.
    • Please note that it is your responsibility to manage any customs-related issues. We will notify you of the tracking number for the repaired or replacement product upon delivery to you, please be sure to check for any emails regarding customs clearance or package handling. Failure to do so promptly may result in your packages(s) being returned or destroyed, and you will be held responsible for any associated fees and expenses.
    • Shipping costs and tax-related terms shall be referenced in Section V Fee and payment.
  2. Packaging
    Product you return to us must be properly packaged in its original packaging (or packaging providing the product with protection equivalent to the original packaging). We will not be responsible for the damage, loss and other risks that occur during the transportation of the returned Product. Failure to properly pack the Products for transportation (including unpacked Product, Product without cushioning, inappropriate packaging materials, etc.) may void the warranty. You may want to consider insuring your package in case of damage or loss during transportation.

Ⅴ. Fee and payment

  • The return of the Product to us is at the expense, risk and peril of the Customer and any import fees and taxes are to be borne by the Customer. We are not responsible for any loss of income or any delays that may occur during the return shipping and customs process.
  • We are only responsible for the shipping cost from SuperScalar to your address for Products that were directly purchased through SuperScalar official channels and meet the requirements for Free Maintenance (Please note that we will not cover any shipping costs for Products that were not directly purchased from the SuperScalar official channels, even from SuperScalar to your address, regardless of whether they meet the criteria for Free Maintenance). Once we deliver the Product to the carrier, the risk of damage and loss passes to you. We are not responsible of any delay or loss during the transportation.
  • • If any Product is stored at our service location, including due to your failure to create After-Sales Request or any inconsistency between repair ticket and the transportation, we will collect storage fees. In addition, in the case of “Non-Maintenance” and “Maintenance With Charges”, we will collect storage fees based on the period your Product stored in our location.
  • We will notify you of all payable charges, including repair fees, storage fees, shipping fees, or any other reasonable charges we may impose, via email. Please make payment within 5 calendar days of receiving the payment notification. Payment methods may be changed from time to time, and we reserve the right to adjust payment methods. Customers should follow the instructions provided in the email notification they receive when making payments. We will only ship the repaired or replacement Product to you after we have received full payment. Failure to make full payment within 60 days will be considered abandonment of the Product.

Ⅵ. DOA returns

For Products that meet the DOA and Second DOA criteria and are eligible for Free Maintenance, you can apply for transportation subsidies not higher than the amount indicated by After-Sales Staff after sending us the Product for maintenance or replace. When applying for a transportation subsidy, you need to provide us with proof of the freights you have paid, which proof shall not be forged or modified. Please note that we reserve the right to decline your application for shipping subsidies if situation determined by After-Sales Support is not DOA.

Ⅶ. Others

  1. Prior to the inspection of returned Product
    Under the following the circumstances, we have the right to refuse servicing your product:


    • You have not created an After-Sales Request or at all;
    • You have not paid the inbound freight;
    • The Product is severely damaged;
    • The Product you send does not match the information you provide;
    • You provide invalid or wrong tracking number;
      In the absence of any of the circumstances above, we will sign for the parcel and unpack it to inspect the Product failure situation. You should be aware that except in the case of Non-Maintenance, we will make repair. While disassembling and inspecting the Product, you cannot ask us to directly return the product without repair.

      You agree that we have the sole discretion to choose whether to repair or replace the Product or any part thereof.
  2. Data backup
    Please note that during the testing or repair process your data may be lost, or damaged, or destroyed. It is your responsibility to backup all of your data and programs before returning the Product to us. We are not responsible for data contents or the security of the data contents contained in any returned Products and we will not be liable for any loss of data.
  3. Warranty for repaired product beyond Warranty Period
    If repairs are carried out on the Product outside the Warranty Period, we may offer a 24-hour Warranty Period or no Warranty Period based on the repair outcome. For Products with moderate to severe difficulties and complex issues such as moderate to severe corrosion, we do not provide any warranty after the repair. For other general repairs, we will provide a 24-hour Warranty Period after the repair is completed. The Warranty Period shall commence from the time you sign for the delivery of the repaired Product. During the 24-hour Warranty Period, we shall only bear the cost of free repair services. The Customer shall be responsible for any other related expenses, including but not limited to shipping fees, customs duties, insurance costs, etc.
  4. EOS policy
    We reserve the right to issue an End of the After-Sales Maintenance Service (EOS) notification for any particular Product model at our discretion. Once the notification period has expired, we will no longer provide any free or paid After-Sales Maintenance Service for that Product model. Additionally, you will not be able to create a repair ticket on this website after the EOS notification period has expired.

Ⅷ. Disclaimer

  • We do not make any form of guarantee for repairing the Product successful, which depends on the extent of damage to the Product.
  • We do not make any form of guarantee or any compensation for the loss of mining earnings during the repair period.