SuperScalar Third-party Commercial Insurance Terms



This is commercial insurance provided by a third party insurance company that a third party agent, appointed by SuperScalar, has procured for you.

The claim process and final compensation interpretation shall be decided by this third-party insurance company and shall be subject to their terms and conditions. We have provided a summary of the insurance terms and coverage.

You hereby agree and acknowledge that the insurance coverage is being provided by a third-party insurance company and therefore subject to their terms and conditions. Insurance pay-outs will only be made by SuperScalar to you if SuperScalar receives the same from the third-party insurance company.

You will be compensated if:

  1. The package is lost due to lightning strikes, fires and bad weather on the flight or vessel.
  2. The package is lost due to collision, overturning, falling and accident during the transportation of the third-party logistics company.

Commercial Insurance will be void if:

  1. The third-party logistics company shows “Delivered” in their website.
  2. The package is damaged before shipping.
  3. Intentional damage or loss caused by the recipient.

About the Premium Rate

 $15≤Premium≤Sum insured * 0.2%

How to Purchase Insurance

SuperScalar offers insurance plans to purchase insurance with our products.

About Compensation Amount

Deductible ratio=10% OR Deductible=$150


*Note: The final compensation amount is determined by the third-party insurance company and subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy issued by the third-party insurance company.

The above summary of the Insurance Terms may be modified by the third-party insurance company at any time. SuperScalar will endeavor to update the summary of the Insurance Terms if there are any changes. If you do not agree with the updated terms, you should refrain from purchasing the insurance plan.

SuperScalar Team