SuperScalar KS3 9.6 TH


With an electricity rate of $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, SuperScalar KS3 9.6 TH mining profitability is at $136.32 per day, equivalent to mining 2,913.46 KAS within a 24-hour period.

Compared to other ASIC miners, the SuperScalar KS3 9.6 TH miner is currently ranked as the number 1 most profitable ASIC miner among all the ASIC miners


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March 31st,2024

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Manufacturer SuperScalar
Model SuperScalar KS3 9.6 TH
Released on December 2023
Hashrate(±10 %) 9.60 Th/s
Power consumption (0±10%) 3150 W
Size (H*W*L) 660*499*270 mm
Weight 18.1 Kg
Noise level 75 Db
Fan 2
Interface Ethernet
Temp 5-40 °C
Humidity 10-90 %